Commercial Cleaning Services

Have you ever hired a commercial cleaning service that didn’t care about details? Well, that’s not GTB’s style. Similar to the ‘details’ approach we have when taking care of our residential clients, we bring that same diligence to your business. No cleaning around garbage cans, doing an ‘ok’ job in the bathroom, or leaving streaks behind. Your business is your home away from home, and we treat it that way.

We take pride in providing trustworthy and professional commercial cleaning services in Toronto. Each member of our cleaning crew is bonded and insured, so you can be confident that our work will be done correctly. So give us a call at (647) 471-1515 or fill out our contact form for a consultation for commercial cleaning services in Toronto today for an excellent service perfectly tailored to your business needs.

We are not cleaners, we are service professionals who clean.

Elite Eco-friendly Commercial Cleaning

GTB provides world-class commercial cleaning tailored to your company’s needs. First, we identify your cleaning needs by analyzing your office space or facility. Following that, we can tailor various commercial cleaning services to your specific cleaning needs, such as providing eco-friendly commercial cleaning procedures and using Method and Effeclean products. This customization level is unavailable from any other commercial cleaning service in Toronto!

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Since 2016, we have honed our specialized commercial cleaning service, environmentally friendly cleaning methods, and internal procedures. Our all-natural cleaning supplies are made to help you keep your business safe from chemicals and free from health risks.

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We will contact you within 12 business hours of receiving your request to provide an estimate.



Utilizing our online calculator for estimates will provide you with a ballpark figure that you can use. However, please get in touch with our cleaning specialist so that we may provide you with an estimate for specialized cleaning.

A cleaning checklist is run through by our staff member(s) before they leave your place of business. The items that were cleaned are detailed on this checklist. If our cleaner cannot complete the entire cleaning in a single visit, the skipped areas will be noted on the list and will receive the utmost focus during the subsequent visit.

Before we arrive, it would be good if you could clear away any clutter that may be present. Because of this, we will be able to clean up the maximum amount of floor area possible. On the other hand, there is no requirement for you to clean because our commercial cleaning experts are pleased to take care of everything for you.

We offer our expert cleaning services to various business and residential facilities, including retail, healthcare, financial, energy/utility, education, and specialty industries.