Booking Terms & Conditions

Thanks for choosing Geoffrey!

Please allow for a 30 minute window from time of booking for Geoffrey to arrive. Remember to leave your keys with the concierge if you will not be home at the time of booking.

No need to stock your supplies! Geoffrey will bring what’s required to make your place sparkle, but if you have a personal vacuum and/or broom please have it visible at the front door.

Geoffrey loves pets too! But to avoid potential incidents and to ensure maximum efficiency please keep them off premise during work periods or house within kennel.

Note: In some cases, an Overdue Cleaning Surcharge* may apply, please read full description below.

*The Overdue Cleaning Surcharge is a charge that is applied in cases where the service requirement is considerably greater than what can be predetermined via telephone assessment, common expectation, or general experience.The OCS can range from 10-50% and will be negotiated prior to the job commencing, so there will be no surprise costs for you.

Geoffrey The Butler and its staff strive to operate an incident and accident free operation, taking the utmost care of our customers’ property. As we have no course to predetermine the condition of any structures or items within the home/office, Geoffrey The Butler will not automatically assume responsibility for claims that may be brought to our attention.

If you have any special requests, questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 647-471-1515 or email us at