Hi There! Welcome to Geoffrey The Butler – stay a while and get to know us. You’re here right now because your home needs a little GLC (Geoffrey, Love, and Care) or your business needs a professional touch. Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

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House Cleaning Services


Services & Prices

Whether you need a quick tidy-up or haven’t given your home or office any TLC in weeks, we have something for you.
Outstanding Office and House Cleaning Services and Dry Cleaners With Flat Rate Pricing. No Hidden Fees. No Surprises

House Cleaning Services
office Cleaning Services
House Cleaning Services

* Please note that GTB Reserves the right to renegotiate pricing based on in-home assessment. All homes above 900 sq ft require a telephone or in-person consultation.

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House Cleaning Services
House Cleaning Services

Why Geoffrey the Butler?

  • Trusted
  • Reliable
  • Quality Work
  • Vetted Staff
  • Professional cleaners
  • We care about our work
  • Great Customer Service
  • Minimal Onsite Time
  • Insured
  • Bonded


Green Services

We are dedicated to limiting harmful chemicals in our house cleaning services. That’s why we use Method and Effeclean – home cleaning products formulated from naturally derived ingredients that are safe for your family. When we reduce our ecological footprint, we help you reduce yours.

About Us

Some people get into the cleaning business because they think it’s easy-breezy work. Some people get into cleaning because they think it’s easy money. We’re not here for either of those reasons. We’re here to be the best professional cleaning service for our clients. That’s why we started and that will always be our purpose. Being compared to other cleaning services is inevitable, we get it, but if you expect us to be the same – don’t.

  • We don’t believe in transactions, we believe in relationships.
  • We don’t cut corners, we clean them.
  • We don’t cancel, we accommodate.
  • We don’t break trust, we build it.
  • We communicate.

You see, we are not just cleaners, we are service professionals. We aren’t here to do things like your last cleaner, or like any other cleaning service. In fact, we aim to be completely different. How fast they were, what they charge – not our concern. Our focus, our care for our clients and the work we do for them, and service philosophy is simply different. Don’t compare us, experience us.

We are not the same. We are Geoffrey The Butler.


Why Clients Love Geoffrey

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Peace of Mind

GTB is insured and bonded. In addition, all of our cleaning all-stars are carefully selected and vetted to ensure we only hire and keep the staff that is honest, trustworthy, and well aligned with corporate integrity policy.

Customer Recommended

Of course, we’re going to say great things about our service, but don’t just take our word for it – check out some of our testimonials or feel encouraged to ask us for a few references.

Flexible Scheduling

We are here six days a week for you. So book your office or condo cleaning online or give us a call to schedule your appointment. Best to avoid short-notice bookings or off-hour appointments, but give us a try; we may be able to come through for you.



The last few years have been a roller coaster! We are constantly monitoring the situation and updating our policies to keep you, your loved ones, and our staff safe. Our professional cleaners are fully vaccinated and follow public health guidelines.

Our cleaning model was created so that you can sit back, relax, and not worry about a thing! Our cleaners arrive with all the equipment and supplies required to clean your home or business. If you have a vacuum or any products you swear by, we will gladly accommodate, but if not, we have everything we need to make your home sparkle!

Yes, from window cleaning to making your offices shine, we are your one-stop cleaning solution. In addition, we provide commercial, move-in, move-out, laundry, and condo cleaning services.

8 am-8 pm, Monday to Friday; Saturday and Sunday, 11 am-6 pm for inquiries only

GTB offers cleaning services in Toronto; we are 100% committed to using safe products for children, pets, and the people who use them – our cleaners!

When you hire GTB, you can rest assured that your home or business premises will be cleaned meticulously and thoroughly. Our cleaners have years of experience, are well-trained, and are dedicated to providing our customers with the most professional cleaning service possible.